The Plan

One People. One Goal. One Greenville. We are one people with one goal (to improve the quality and quantity of life for all) striving for One Greenville to make Greenville the best place it can be. It has been my privilege to work with three mayors and an interim mayor (2 women and 2 men) and I will strive to continue to use their visions along with my vision to make Greenville the best place it can be.  I am a native son of Greenville, have a family here, have a business here, my life is here.   I have served this city as Ward 6 councilman for 7 years, currently serving as Vice Mayor.  I am no stranger to service. I love this city, our residents, and the entire Mississippi Delta. I want to continue to serve all to improve the quality and quantity of life in Greenville.














  • Become a Certified Evidence-Based Organization.

  • Establish an Employee Incentive Program.

  • Digitize all city records.

  • Run efficient government with budget surplus.

Economic Development

  • Create an Entrepreneurial Start-Up and Incubator Program.

  • Work with schools, colleges/universities, and businesses to improve workforce development skills and training and create effective feeder programs for existing and new businesses.

  • Develop Re-entry and Training Program.

  • Establish a fund that enables our economic development professionals to become more competitive to employment prospects.

  • Establish School to Better Greenville Pipeline.

  • Host the Mississippi Delta Jobs Summit.

Public Safety

  • Develop Community Policing and Restorative Justice Programs and Practices to reduce crime.

  • Colloborate with Washington County and other system partners to effectively reduce juvenile delinquency.

  • Establish Evening Reporting Center.

  • Establish Greenville Drug Market Intervention.

  • Colloborate with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to decrease the prevalence and occurrence of gang-related violence.

  • Use federal funds to reduce violence to women.


  • Work with public, private, and parochial school administrators, community stakeholders, and students to ensure that the city is providing all the resources at its disposable to assist with achieving safer schools and higher academic standards.

  • Establish the Public-Private-Parachial Roundtable Discussion

Parks and Recreation

  • Develop more recreational facilities and activities for our youth.

  • Apply for more funding through local, state and federal agencies and foundations and community sponsorships.

Tourism and Hospitality

  • Work with our tourism and hospitality professionals to grow existing festivals and events and to create new ones to become one of the leading tourism cities in the region.

Public Infrastructure

  • Continue to creater safer and cleaner streets.

  • Develop a top-rate infrastructure plan fixing water and sewer lines by using high quality materials

  • Make pothole repairs using specialize endurance tested materials and equipment. 

  • Repair Reed Road and return to repairing neighborhood streets.

Port and Levee Front

  • Use state and federal funds to continue port and levee front development, expansion, and utilization.

Downtown Revitalization

  • Implement the City’s 25 year plan.

  • Review and further spur development downtown by looking at best practices of gentrification strategies used in municipalities of similar demographics.

Health Care

  • Enhance the development and use of Levee Walking Trail by developing bike trails and other health conscious efforts and initiatives to make a healthier city population.

  • Continue to respond to elderly health care needs.

  • Establish a Health Care Roundtable to receive input and suggestions regarding health care from our health care professionals.





Congratulations to Greenville, MS Mayor Elect Errick Simmons

On a Victory for Us All

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